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C4a desArg

Product Description

Natural human C4a is prepared by cleavage of human C4 protein by human C1s. It is produced during activation of both the classical and lectin pathways of complement. C4a is a member of the anaphylatoxin family of three proteins (C3a, C4a and C5a) produced by the activation of complement (Hugli, T.E. et al. (1981)). Removal of the C-terminal arginine by serum carboxypeptidase N (Meuller-Ortiz, S.L., et al. (2009)) yields C4a desArg and destroys all biological activities of C4a. C4a desArg is an unglycosylated polypeptide containing 76 amino acids with a molecular mass of 8,603 daltons.

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