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C1s-C1INH Complex

Product Description

The product C1s-C1INH Complex (CompTech #C1040) is made by interacting purified protease inhibitor C1-INH (CompTech # A140) with purified C1s enzyme (CompTech #A104) followed by purification. The protease inhibitor C1-INH prevents the spontaneous activation of complement and limits consumption of C2 and C4 by rapidly inactivating C1r, C1s and MASP2. It is the only plasma serine protease inhibitor (Serpin) capable of interacting with and inhibiting activated C1. C1-INH interacts with the catalytic sites of both C1r and C1s. The interaction with activated C1r and C1s is covalent resulting in complexes which are stable to SDS. C1s and C1r enzymes, however, are irreversibly inactivated by binding to C1-INH. C1s-C1INH (CompTech #C1040) is a very stable complex that remains intact even when subjected to freeze/thaw cycles with almost no loss of the complex form.

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