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SGVB++(low ionic strength w/Sucrose, Ca and Mg) - 1L

Product Description

SGVB++ is a specialized buffer which is low in ionic strength (due to the low NaCl concentration), but isotonic (due to the sucrose). This combination of properties allows complement assays or binding assays to be performed with cells at low ionic strength, which improves binding, while the sucrose keeps the cells from lysing due to the high concentration of sucrose. This buffer is practically identical to DGVB buffer except that they use D-glucose instead of sucrose to maintain their isotonic characteristic. These buffers are isotonic with VBS, GVB, PBS, etc. meaning that the osmotic pressure on cell membranes will be the same even though the salt concentration is low. SGVB++ buffer is especially useful in C1 assays (Dodds, A.W. and Sim, R.B. (1997)) and in binding assays such as those measuring the binding of factor B or factor H to EsC3b cells (sheep erythrocytes bearing surface-bound C3b) (Pangburn, M.K. and Muller-Eberhard, H.J. (1978); Pangburn, M.K., et al. (1980)). These interactions are sensitive to the salt concentration and lowering the ionic strength can enhance binding 5- to 10-fold.

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