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Rat Factor H

Product Description

Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) Complement factor H (fH) is purified from normal rat serum.  Factor H is an essential regulatory component of the alternative pathway of complement.  It is critical for prevention of complement activation on host cells and tissues, especially the kidney.  It has two functional activities: 1) it controls the formation and decay of the alternative pathway C3/C5 convertase (decay accelerating activity) and 2) it acts as a cofactor for factor I which proteolytically inactivates C3b when C3b is bound to factor H (cofactor activity). A C3b-binding protein, similar to factor H isolated from rat plasma, has been reported to be produced by rat platelets and functions as an immune adherence receptor for clearance of immune complexes in rodents (Alexander J.J. et al. (2001))

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